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Dreamcade® Pre-built, Ready to Play Arcades

Dream Arcades® is the premier manufacturer of custom multi-game video arcades. Our pre-built arcades are ready to play and great fun for the entire family.

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Dream Arcades offers six styles of Dreamcades:
Our Cabaret arcade includes lighted buttons & a trackball for games like Centipede®, Tempest® and Super Breakout®. The Dreamcade® Vision 40 has a huge 40” HD LCD display. Features an available arcade light gun shooting pack and 4-player control panel.
Our 4-player cocktail arcade allows you to play with up to 4-players at once on games like Gauntlet®, Warlords®, and Rampage®. The Dreamcade® Vision 32 has a 32” HD LCD display. Features an available arcade light gun shooting pack.

Our arcades are 100% pre-built, all you have to do is slide them into place, plug them in & start playing. Click here for a short video demonstrating how simple our arcades are to setup and play.
Pre-built Dreamcades include over 140 favorite games, like Centipede, Pac-man, Dragon's Lair and because they are PC based you can add additional game packs.
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